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A family-owned and operated business

Good quality care is a right for everyone, and not a privilege
Dove Home Care was set up back in 1993 by Anne Oughton and is still a family-owned and operated business, now run by her son John Oughton.

Anne believed, as does John, that good quality care is a right for everyone, and not a privilege. They also know that people are happiest in their homes and should stay in this environment for as long as they can.

Many of our customers have dementia and Alzheimer’s and moving them into an unfamiliar environment can be incredibly distressing both for them and their families. We have been offering dementia home care services for years, providing highly trained staff who treat clients with the utmost dignity and respect, which we know is appreciated by our clients’ families.

Under John’s care, the company continues to live by the ethos that Anne created, based on her principles of care, happiness, affordability, independence, and satisfaction.


The Dove Ethos

Since we set up in 1993, we have abided by our 5 core principles

Our systems and our staff are all geared up to provide the very highest standards of care to accommodate anyone’s requirements, no matter how simple or challenging. The care we offer is second to none.


As an established care agency, our staff are well looked after and rewarded, which reflects in the quality of care they give to our clients. Clients who are well looked after have a much more rewarding life.


Our goal has always been to make good quality care as accessible as possible for everyone. We pay our staff excellent rates of pay, we don’t charge a premium cost for our care services.


We encourage our clients to get out and move around. We support them in their interests such as gardening or cooking. Our carers are there to help and support, and not to take over or control them.


Satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We pride ourselves on delivering great quality home care visits and live-in home care and in resolving any issues as quickly and effectively as possible.

We offer our live-in care all over England, Scotland, and Wales and home care visits to clients all over United Kingdom.

Our Carers

We’re highly selective about who we choose to take on as Dove Carers.

We have very high standards in terms of the type of person we employ, as they’ll be placed in a position of responsibility, looking after the vulnerable, and the people closest to you.

Our carers live all over the country, are of different ages and backgrounds, but they have several things in common.

  • They are all DBS checked, to ensure they don’t have a criminal record
  • We carry out thorough reference checks on all our carers
  • They all have a genuine passion for providing good quality care
    • They all undergo the Dove Home Care 3-month induction and probation programme to ensure they meet our standards, and also those set by the Care Quality Commission
  • This includes training in first aid, dementia, fire safety, catheter care, food hygiene, pressure ulcer awareness, safeguarding, adult’s end of life, nutrition, infection control, health & safety, medical administration, and moving & handling
  • All carers have 3-monthly supervisions and annual appraisals, so any improvements can be identified and put in place
  • Any specialist training that may be required for certain clients is undertaken, such as peg feeding, dementia home care, palliative care, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.

Multi-skilled Carers

Our carers spend their lives looking after others.

Our carers are multi-skilled and can take on a wide variety of roles including issuing medication; helping clients get up, washed and dressed; cleaning, cooking and ironing; shopping and running errands; taking clients out for the day or to medical appointments; or just companionship and someone to talk to.

Our carers spend their lives looking after others, so we make sure they get looked after by us. We pay highly competitive rates of pay and we give them full training and 24-hour support.

We also give them lots of feedback, regular assessments and appraisals, and encourage them to progress in their careers by achieving additional qualifications. As a result, we have very high employee retention rates and an extremely high level of staff morale.

Are you interested in a Career in the Care Industry?

Dove Home Care offer career opportunities for carers who are looking to find work within the industry. Our growing work demand through private clients & social service contracts allow us to further recruitment for carers whom share our ethos & look to deliver a high standard of service to our clients.


Why choose Dove Home Care?

Whatever kind of Care you are looking for, we have it covered


Established back in 1994, we were one of the first domiciliary care agencies to offer a live-in care service. Over time we have developed the best and most effective procedures and policies to recruit, train and oversee staff, and to ensure we can offer a flexible care service that can accommodate the simplest or the most complex of requirements.

Managed service

At Dove Home Care we offer a completely managed service where we only supply staff who have been interviewed by ourselves, as well as vetted and trained by our team. We pay their salary, we sort out their sick pay, we provide holiday and sickness cover, and we regularly monitor their performance.
We are at the end of a phone 7 days a week, from 8am to 10pm, to deal with any queries and issues our clients or their families may have.

At home service

We know from experience that people are much happier and more relaxed in their own homes, with their own memories, creature comforts, and routines. This is especially true for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s who find a move and a different environment incredibly distressing.

Competitively priced care

At Dove Home Care we have a genuine desire to help as many people as we can to receive good quality care. Whilst we offer excellent rates of pay to our carers, so we can provide the best staff, we don’t charge the highest prices for our 24-hour live-in care and home care visits. We believe in accessibility of care, that everyone should be able to access good quality care, and so we charge a fair and reasonable price. We can advise clients and their families on available funding and are happy to use any funding our clients have, from the NHS or local councils, towards the costs of their care.

Many of our clients also use equity release to help cover their care costs. This is when they keep their home, but an amount of cash is released to them. We can advise on this and also make the arrangements if required.
In the event of accident and an insurance claim, we can also liaise with the insurance company to get the right level of care in place.

Quality of Care

The Care Quality Commission have rated us as ‘Good’ in every area of our service. This is a fantastic achievement and credit to all our staff who work tirelessly to deliver the CQC’s high standards every day. The CQC check to see if we are safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led and in their annual inspection they contact our carers and our clients for feedback, asses our training procedures, review any issues, and check our policies and systems.

All our carers have been awarded the Care Quality Commission’s Care Certificate, which outlines the 15 standards they need to know to do their job safely and effectively. This covers topics such as privacy and dignity, fluids and nutrition, infection prevention and control and safeguarding.

In addition we undertake an annual survey and six monthly reviews with our clients and their families to check they are happy with the service they are receiving. We also undertake regular reviews and spot checks with our carers to ensure we are offering a consistently high level of service.


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