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We supply live-in carers for any clients over the age of 18 throughout England, Scotland, and Wales, who need constant support and companionship, whether for convalescent care or something more permanent.

We specialise in dementia home care as the majority of our clients are living with dementia and Alzheimer’s but we can support people with any physical or mental health condition, or even if they are just struggling with old age. We help our clients with whatever they need and want from us. Most of our clients benefit from our personal care services, where we help them get up, washed, and dressed. We also offer assistance with medication, shopping, cooking, and housework. But our carers offer so much more than that – they become companions, there to offer conversation and company.

Every individual and their circumstances are different and so we offer a flexible, tailored approach to live-in home care.

  • We can provide live-in care for a 24-hour period, or for years
  • Seamless care is available, where we provide a rota of known carers, so the client is never left on their own
  • Double care packages are advantageous for clients who need two carers at once, useful for those individuals who need to be watched day and night, or if they need two people to move or hoist them

Live-in care is the perfect way of keeping individuals as safe and as contented as possible, while they struggle with the demands of illness or old age. They’re in their own homes, with their own routines, and we do our utmost to give them as much independence as they are able to enjoy.

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Are you interested in Home Care Visits?

We offer a home care visit service where we can pop in for as little as 15 minutes, just to check that everything is ok, or we can be there for an entire 24 hours, maybe while a family member is away.

Live-in care or a Care Home?

Many families, when faced with the deteriorating health of their loved one, simply look for the nearest, and best care home they find.

But there is another answer, which is live-in home care. And it’s more cost-effective and much better for the individual concerned.

  • In a care home there are vast overheads to cover, for the multitude of staff and extensive premises they have to pay for. Care home costs include the price of ‘renting’ a room, while for live-in home care the client stays in their own home so there is no accommodation to pay for.
  • Care Homes may have multiple staff but they are dealing with many more clients than there are carers, so an individual member of staff could be dealing with up to 20 clients. This results in low interaction rates and individuals can be left on their own for far too long.
  • The move to a new place, dealing with a new building and people can be frightening for those coping with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Our dementia home care service provides the security of familiar surroundings and familiar faces to keep their stress levels down.
  • Care Homes have to work to their own routine so there are set getting up times, mealtimes, trip times, and going to bed times. For clients that value their independence live-in home care is more beneficial as our carers can work to the routines that our clients know and love.

Costs of live-in home Care

Every client has a different requirement in terms of the length of time they need us for and the duties our carers need to do.

Before we can suggest a live-in home care package that meets the needs of a prospective client we’ll arrange a home visit. This is free of charge and during the visit we will establish the exact needs, wants, and wishes from the client and their family, taking into account medical, practical and lifestyle requirements. We’ll also determine the type of person that would be best matched to the client’s personality so we can recommend the most suitable carers. We’re an established live-in carer agency and know how to effectively match clients with the right carers. We will then follow up with a proposed live-in care plan, which will include a full and detailed costing, for the client and / or their family to review.

For those clients that need assistance with paying for their live-in care, there are a few options we can discuss when we meet.

  • Funding may be available from the local council or the NHS. We can review your circumstances and advise what funding options are worth exploring
  • Equity release is a popular way of paying for live-in care – the client keeps their home but releases a proportion of the equity in it. We can advise on how this works, and can help you apply

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To ensure that we continually maintain our high standard of care we send out an Annual Quality Survey/Questionnaire to clients.

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