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  • Private Carer At Home

We are here to help you
Our care support line team are here to help
Private Carer At Home

Each person is unique and deserves an opportunity to live out their lives as independently and happily as they can, with the level of support they need to achieve this.

Please call us to discuss how we may help you.

Do you need help in day-to-day washing, dressings and cooking? Are you looking for private carer at your home? Our care support line team are here to help.

These days retirees have as vigorous mindsets and youthful aspirations as their young sons and daughters. They are achieving a lot of things in these days. After a lifetime, they not only set up their business but also participate enthusiastically in sports and other social activities. Age is not a bar in their way.

At Dove Home Care, we value your loved one’s desire for independence and dignity. So we provide the best private carer at home.

Private one to one care:
Dove Home Care provides one-to-one care service rather than offering shared care. Our private carers provide care and support from half hour to 24 hours with cost-effective services, so that your loved ones can live an independent life.

Physically & mentally active

Our private carers do not only assist people suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease but also assist in the care of elderly patients with insomnia, depression, and feeling of loneliness. The qualified and experienced staff at Dove Home Care ensure the total support to our clients. We ensure our clients to stay physically fit, mentally active, eating nutritious food and having medicine at a time.

Effective communication:
The biggest block between our clients and their children is not to understand them. They just try to reply back without understanding them. Our private carers show how to be patient and compassionate. So the effective communication is the pillar of our Dove Home Care’s live-in care service and private home care services.

Physical Challenges:
We really sympathise with our clients and try to strike a balance between their need and assistance. Our well-qualified staff will help to engage them in their daily activities.