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  • Young Disabled Care

We are here to help you

Disabilities can take many forms

Young Disabled Car with client in a field

Each person is unique and deserves an opportunity to live out their lives as independently and happily as they can, with the level of support they need to achieve this.

Please call us to discuss how we may help you.

Disabilities can take many forms including learning disability, physical disability, mental health issues and many other causes.

We can offer hourly support on a daily basis to full live-in care support. With live in care support a young people can continue to live in their own home, retaining their independence and most importantly making their own choices with respect to their lives.

We believe that the option of having a live-in carer can meet the needs of someone who is disabled and give them the opportunity of living in the local community, close to their family and friends.

We realise everyone is unique, and their needs are completely different, so we will take the time to meet you, and discuss with you what type of help and support you are looking for.