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  • Reablement Care

We are here to help you
Getting you back on your feet after being ill or an accident
Reablement Care helping lady

Staff in our reablement team will assess your abilities to look after yourself, i.e. your ability to get dressed, prepare meals, generally how you manage your daily life, and based on the assessment, a reablement plan will be prepared with you setting out how the service will support you, and a time scale.

Our staff will also monitor how you progress during the specified period and adjust your plan as needed.

Please call us to discuss how we may help you.

If you have been ill or had an accident you may need to re-learn some of the skills you may have lost while unwell and to get your confidence back.

Our Reablement service staff can work with you to help you gradually feel more confident and able to do things for yourself that you did before you were unwell, so that you can live as independently as possible.

We can help if you have experienced any of the following:

  • A temporary illness or permanent disability.
  • A fall at home.
  • A crisis at home.
  • A change in circumstances relating to you or your carer.

What Reablement does

This service is provided by care staff who support you in your own home and local community to:

  • Regain your skills and confidence in completing everyday tasks and activities such as making meals,
    washing and dressing yourself, doing your shopping, getting out.
  • Support you to gain new skills to help you manage at home.
  • Help avoid unnecessary admission to hospital, or long term residential care.
  • Help you get back on your feet after a stay in hospital.
  • Help you to obtain any equipment that you need to help you live independently.