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Providing a lower level of care than a hospital
 Convalescent care

Each person is unique and deserves an opportunity to live out their lives as independently and happily as they can, with the level of support they need to achieve this.

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To convalesce means to recover or recuperate. Convalescent care (also known as rehabilitation care) for the elderly or a young person needing support, includes a carer caring for you or your loved one whilst you are recovering from an injury, illness or a medical procedure.

Unlike a lot of elderly health care services, which are usually long-term, convalescent care provides a short-term service which will help you or your loved one get back on their feet whilst being looked after by a fully trained care professional. Convalescent care can be for as short as a few days to as long as a few months depending on the extent of your injury and the appropriate recovery time needed.

Convalescent care in your own home provides a lower level of care than a hospital, but the care is nonetheless considered skilled care with input from rehabilitation services if required. Convalescent care is often transitional enabling a person to return home with the necessary level of support to enable them to recover fully and become independent once again.


We will arrange a free consultation with you and your family, should you wish, and prepare a care plan outlining your care needs and a timescale for achieving an outcome you want. This can take place before you go into hospital for a planned operation, or when you are in the hospital, awaiting your discharge. We will provide a carer who has the knowledge, experience and background to either live in with you or support you with daily calls at agreed times.

All convalescent care plans are goal-orientated, with the eventual goal of helping people return to their independent lifestyles. We will liaise with other health services, should you wish, i.e. your surgery, district- nurse, physiotherapist, social services in respect to assessing any aids you may require, and any other contacts which may be helpful. This will ensure you are free of any worries and can concentrate on getting stronger in the familiar surroundings of your own home.

Benefits of Convalescent Care

It is accepted that people recover better in the familiar surroundings of their own home. When a patient is discharged from hospital, it can be a daunting experience and they can be feeling frail and it can put back their recovery if there isn’t the necessary level of support when they arrive home. It is not always possible for family members to help in this situation, and this is where we can be of assistance.

We can offer a live in care service or a daily care package including night care to meet your needs. We can prepare your meals, help with medication administration, support any remedial exercises, or incontinence issues, and of course, be a cheery companion which in itself helps recovery. We have assisted many hundreds of people over the past 25 years to return home and regain their strength and independence, which is what we value most. Our clients know that when they need support they can contact us again and we will be there, when needed, which gives real peace of mind to both themselves and their families.

Care during convalescing

Carers can be booked prior to hospitalisation by Contacting Us and we can arrange Convalescent Care. The initial assessment can be done either before you go into hospital, or during your stay and your personally tailored Dove care package can be arranged.

CQC Registered & Inspected

Dove Home Care is Registered with and Inspected by The Care Quality Commission (CQC) (Service Number 46210) at: www.cqc.org.uk.

Annual Quality

To ensure that we continually maintain our high standard of care we send out an Annual Quality Survey/Questionnaire to clients.

We have an experienced team on hand to take your calls, arrange home visits, and answer your care needs.
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