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  • Domiciliary Care Services


Domiciliary Care Services

You or your loved one can remain in the comfort of your own home
Domiciliary Care Services

Each person is unique and deserves an opportunity to live out their lives as independently and happily as they can, with the level of support they need to achieve this.

Please call us to discuss how we may help you.

Why Choose Domiciliary Care?

Embracing domiciliary care means welcoming a blend of independence, comfort, companionship and personalised support right in your own home. Unlike traditional care settings, Dove Home Care allows you to maintain your lifestyle while receiving the necessary assistance. Whether it’s for a short-term recovery or long-term support, choosing domiciliary care offers a tailored solution that adapts to your unique needs.

At Dove Home Care, we understand the importance of creating a caring environment that respects your personal space and routine. Our domiciliary home care services are designed to integrate seamlessly into your daily routine, ensuring that your loved ones receive both care and companionship that are non-intrusive yet effective. Our carers provide support for all types of domiciliary needs, whether it involves personal and hygiene care, managing medications, assisting in getting around, or accompanying your loved ones for shopping, preparing preferred meals, and more.

Companionship: A Heart of Our Care

At the core of our domiciliary and live-in care services is the ethos of companionship. We recognise that care extends beyond physical needs. That’s why our carers are dedicated to building meaningful connections, offering emotional support, and engaging in social activities that enrich your life. Companionship is an integral part of our care approach, ensuring that you feel understood, valued, and connected.

Flexible and Responsive Care

Flexibility is key in our approach to domiciliary care. Understanding that needs can change, we remain responsive and adaptable. Whether it’s adjusting care plans, accommodating new routines, or responding to emergency care needs, our team is prepared to adapt to your evolving requirements of domiciliary care. This flexibility ensures that our care services are not only reliable but also perfectly aligned with your current and future needs.

Many people are opting for domiciliary care, (otherwise known as care at home) because it puts them and their loved one in a position where they can be in control of the support that they receive.

You can receive one-to-one support from 30 minutes per week to several times a day and also overnight support. Our care packages are completely tailored to you and your needs. You can even opt for a live-in carer if you need a lot of support.

What is Domiciliary Care?

Domiciliary care helps people who need to receive consistent assistance on a daily basis but would like to remain in the comfort of their own home. Staying at home with the right level of support that you need, brings flexibility and independence back into your life and can work towards improving your quality of life.

You or your loved one may be starting to struggle to do the things that you need to do, in order to maintain your household and therefore might need some extra support. Regular home visits can start from just 30 minutes a week to several hours a day depending on the amount of support that you desire. You can be helped with tasks such as:

  • Personal and hygiene care.
  • Managing medication.
  • Help to get around the home.
  • Household tasks and preparing meals.

Parallel to live-in care, domiciliary care offers a source of companionship and stability. Seeing a familiar face on a daily basis can be very comforting and brings a sense of safety. A carer’s job is not only to give you the support that you need physically but to also give you the support that you need emotionally and to give you encouragement and reassurance.

Who is Domiciliary Care for?

Domiciliary care is suitable for anybody who needs to help and assistance but would prefer to stay in their home rather than go into a residential care home. This care can include recuperation, convalescence, and rehabilitation, amongst other areas. At Dove Home Care, we also work alongside local GPs and district nurses in order to deliver care that meets your needs.

Working with Dove Home Care

When receiving domiciliary care, you receive your very own tailored care package that will suit your needs specifically, and you will have your own specified carers. A carer will ensure that you or your loved one’s mental and physical needs are met, whilst also supporting them throughout their plan.

Each care plan is individual as all our clients are unique, and all existing daily routines are taken into account, whether that be your medication schedule or a hobby that is important to you. Whilst deciding what plan is right for you, we will, at our free initial consultation, ensure all of this will be taken into consideration.

If for whatever reason, your plan needs changing, your carer will be as flexible as possible when adjusting your plan. At Dove Home Care, your needs are put above everything else.

Domiciliary care services provide you with a carer or small team of regular carers, who will come to your home on your terms and help with a wide range of jobs such as:

  • Preparing meals and washing up afterwards.
  • Assisting with getting in and out of bed.
  • Maintaining personal appearance, such as brushing hair.
  • Help and support with toileting and bathing.
  • Running errands, collecting prescriptions and doing shopping.
  • Medication reminders and administering medication.
  • Liaising with nursing care from a registered nurse.
  • Helping with money, managing and paying bills.
  • Help with socialising getting out of the house and meeting friends.

We also offer Some Speciality Care Services

Solihull Home Care
Visiting Care Support

Home Care Solihull

At Dove Home Care, we take pride in our roots in Solihull, West Midlands. While we offer our services nationwide, our heart remains in Solihull, where our national head office is located. As a family-owned business, we provide a range of care services in Solihull and the surrounding areas, ensuring that every client feels safe, cared for, and part of our extended family.

Our Home Care services in Solihull include:

  • Hourly Visiting Care
  • 24/7 Care Assistance
  • Overnight Care
  • Domiciliary Care
  • Dementia Care
Round the Clock Care Support

Live in Care London

Since 1993, Dove Home Care has been catering to the unique pace of life in London. We understand the expectations of our clients in the capital and provide affordable, passionate care services right in your home. Our aim is to ensure that every individual in London has access to the best care, offering the comfort and familiarity of home over care homes.

Our services in London are tailored to a variety of needs, encompassing:

  • Hourly Visiting Care
  • Domiciliary Care
  • 24/7 Live-in Care
  • Overnight Care
Disability Care
All types of Disability Covered

Disability Care

Our specialised disability care services at Dove Home Care are designed to support individuals with any type of disability, irrespective of age. We offer comprehensive care that addresses both physical and mental needs, ensuring each individual receives the support they deserve.

Our disability care services include:

  • Dementia Care
  • Alzheimer’s Care
  • Cancer Care
  • Support for Visual Impairments
  • Physical Disability Assistance
  • Mental Disability Support