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Live In Home Care Scotland

Compassionate Care in the Comfort of Your Own Home – Since 1993
Welcome to our Live-In Home Care services in Scotland, where we offer compassionate and professional care in the familiar and comforting surroundings of your own home. Our goal is to support you or your loved ones to live independently and comfortably, no matter your age or health conditions.

We specialise in dementia home care as the majority of our clients are living with dementia and Alzheimer’s but we can support people with any physical or mental health condition, or even if they are just struggling with old age. We help our clients with whatever they need and want from us. Most of our clients benefit from our personal care services, where we help them get up, washed, and dressed. We also offer assistance with medication, shopping, cooking, and housework. But our carers offer so much more than that – they become companions, there to offer conversation and company.

Bespoke Live-In Home Care Solutions in Scotland

Recognising that each individual’s situation is unique, we offer a bespoke approach to live-in home care in Scotland. Our services are designed to adapt to the varying needs and preferences of our clients.

  • Flexible Duration: Our live-in care is available for any length of time – from 24-hour support to long-term care spanning years.
  • Continuous Care with a Familiar Team: We ensure seamless care by arranging a rota of familiar carers. This approach guarantees that our clients are never left alone and always have the support they know and trust.
  • Dual Care Packages: For clients with more intensive needs, such as requiring constant supervision or assistance with mobility, we offer dual care packages. This involves having two carers available simultaneously, ensuring comprehensive and safe support at all times.

Live-in care is an ideal solution for maintaining the safety and contentment of individuals facing the challenges of illness or ageing. By staying in their own homes and following their personal routines, our clients can enjoy a sense of normalcy and independence. We are committed to providing the highest level of support, allowing our clients to enjoy as much independence as they are capable of.

Live in Care in Scotland

Cost of Live in Care

Dove Home Care‘s live-in care Scotland plans start at a competitive rate of £1099 per week. Dove’s care plans are 30-40% cost effective than competitors, ensuring our commitment that exceptional care should be accessible to everyone. 

We pride ourselves on offering affordable care options from over 30 years.
Are you interested in Home Care Visits?

We offer a home care visit service where we can pop in for as little as 15 minutes, just to check that everything is ok, or we can be there for an entire 24 hours, maybe while a family member is away.

Why Opt for Our Live-In Home Care?
Many families, when faced with the deteriorating health of their loved one, simply look for the nearest, and best care home they find. Live in Care Scotland your loved one can carry on living in their own environment.
  • Bespoke Care Plans: We recognise that everyone has unique needs. Our care plans are customised to match individual preferences, medical requirements, and lifestyle choices.
  • Professional and Caring Staff: Our team of carers is not only qualified and experienced but also empathetic and respectful. They are committed to delivering the highest standard of care and companionship.
  • Continuity and Comfort: Live-in care provides a sense of continuity and stability. Staying in a familiar setting can be especially beneficial for those with dementia or chronic conditions.
  • Flexibility and Independence: Our services afford the flexibility to maintain your lifestyle, with support adapted to your schedule and preferences. Peace of Mind for Families: Knowing that your loved one has round-the-clock professional support offers invaluable peace of mind.
The Costs of Live-In Care in Scotland
Choosing live-in care in Scotland is an important decision that not only impacts the quality of life for those receiving care but also involves financial considerations. We aim to provide transparent and comprehensive information about the costs associated with our live-in care services, ensuring that families can make informed decisions.

To ensure we provide a live-in home care package that precisely meets the needs of our clients, we start with a complimentary home visit. This visit is pivotal in understanding the specific requirements, desires, and expectations of both the client and their family. It encompasses a comprehensive evaluation of medical, practical, and lifestyle needs. Additionally, we place great emphasis on matching the client with a carer whose personality and skills are the best fit, drawing on our extensive experience as an established live-in carer agency. Following the visit, we will present a proposed live-in care plan. This plan will be comprehensive, detailing the full costs involved, allowing the client and/or their family to make an informed decision. Understanding that funding the care is a significant consideration, we offer guidance on various financial options: 

  • Local Council or NHS Funding: We can assess your situation to determine if you are eligible for funding from local council services or the NHS, and assist in exploring these options.
  • Equity Release: A popular choice for many, equity release allows the client to retain ownership of their home while accessing a portion of its equity to fund their care. We provide advice on how this process works and offer assistance with the application. Our approach ensures that each client receives not only the care they need but also the financial guidance to support their choices.

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